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Listings are provided free of charge as a service to our members and to employing institutions. The chapter cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the material. Ads will run for two months unless or until word is received that a given position has been filled.  Please submit the following by email to

Institution name and address
Contact email and phone
Job description and instrument details




St. Joseph’s in Fort Edward and St. Mary’s/St. Paul’s in Hudson Falls

Contact Suzie at, or call 518-747-5117 – Monday thru Friday to 1 pm.



Trinity United Methodist Church
Springfield MA

Church website:
Inquiries to:

Position expected to begin July 1, 2021



First Reformed Church of Scotia
224 N. Ballston Ave.
Scotia, NY 12302

Position: Church Accompanist – currently open, applications accepted through Jan. 31st, 2021


The First Reformed Church of Scotia is looking for a new musical partner to join our staff! This position is currently open, and applications will be accepted through Jan. 31st, 2021. Due to the safety concerns in the current pandemic, applicants’ evaluations will be conducted in two rounds.

Round 1 – Please submit a CV/Résumé, as well as recordings (video preferred if available) of the following:

  • A favorite hymn, all verses.
  • A piece, in full, that would be appropriate for a prelude, postlude, or solo anthem.
  • A piece involving at least one other musician (vocalist, instrumentalist, or group).

Round 2 – Live audition & interview with search committee. Candidates selected for Round 2 will be scheduled for time to learn about, and practice on our organ “Big June”. The audition repertoire follows:

  • Provided by the applicant:
    • Two contrasting pieces that would be appropriate for a prelude, postlude, or solo anthem.
    • Two contrasting hymns.
  • Provided by FRCS:
    • Two contrasting anthem excerpts (sent upon committee approval of Round 2 deliberation).
    • Two contrasting sight reading excerpts.

Candidates will be evaluated as applications are received, and the committee’s determination whether or not to engage Round 2 will be completed within 10 days of receipt of the application.

Please send all applications to both:

Thank you very much!


Music Minister

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
200 Pleasant St, Bennington, VT 05201

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Bennington, VT ( is looking for a part-time Music Minister who is up to the multiple challenges of integrating music with worship in the time of pandemic and its eventual aftermath. This is a quarter-time (8-10 hours/week) position that calls on creativity, adaptability and ability to work well with a team of lay people and clergy to craft worship that is engaging and meaningful to all.

As part of the ministry team, the Music Minister is someone who can inspire people along their faith journeys through music and who can nurture a love and appreciation of musical talent among everyone. Our anchor for worship music has been the 1982 Hymnal, but we are open to other sources.

St Peter’s is a small congregation in the midst of significant change and renewal, transitioning from full-time clergy leadership to a team made up of part-time clergy and laypeople. The restrictions imposed by Covid-19 mean that we have been worshiping online (via Zoom and Facebook Live) and outdoors. We like music to be a regular part of our worship, but need help in making it happen. We are looking for someone who can also work collaboratively with an open-minded Worship Team.

Currently, while unable to gather indoors for worship, we are looking for someone who can:
•   Develop a cohort of musicians to perform either vocally and/or instrumentally within the limitations of Zoom gathering and Covid-19 safety protocols;
•   Develop web-based resources, including the possibility of video, for use during worship, with special musical offerings by resident musicians or guests for major feast days; and
•   Gather our musical talent twice a year for fellowship and celebration.

We anticipate that worship will not fully return to its pre-pandemic form once Covid-19 has passed, so we are looking for someone adaptable to the needs of the day. The traditional duties include:
•   Selecting and accompanying all music for one weekly Sunday worship service, special worship services, and other events in conjunction with the Worship Team;
•   Directing an adult choir of five to ten singers of varying levels of musical skill from September through mid-June with a weekly evening rehearsal;
•   Arranging for guest musicians and soloists during the summer months;
•   Playing and arranging maintenance of a 13-rank, two-manual Hook/Estey pipe organ and three Baldwin pianos;
•   Maintaining the music library; and
•   Nurturing new talents and voices.

We are looking for someone with:
•   Some familiarity with Christian worship and of Episcopal liturgical and musical traditions;
•   An understanding and commitment to the role of music in liturgy;
•   An ability to work in a mixed context of live, pre-recorded, in-person and online worship;
•   The inclination to be a teacher and mentor to people of all ages and abilities; and
•   Good interpersonal skills, the ability to work collaboratively and to prioritize their time.

For more information about St. Peter’s, visit or call 802-442-2911.
To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to our Church Office at