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ENYAGO has a large collection of used organ music that is offered for sale at various chapter events.  Proceeds from the sales of used music go to the scholarships and other chapter programs.  Contact Susan Lohnas for information about purchasing or donating used organ music.

Hauptwerk Set-up

Oxygen 61 keyboard, pedalboard, circuit board and computer for use with Hauptwerk, Great for practicing pipe organ at home. Best offer. One pedal sticks. 

Call Ray at 518-794-7483.

for sale

FREE Pump Organ

Pump organ


Rebekah Kap

FREE Pipe Organ – Schenectady, NY

Free to a good home!

Console: Ross Organ Co

16’ Bourdon
8’ Open Diapason
8’ Oboe
8’ Stopped Diapason
8’ Salicional
8’ Dulciana
4’ Flute
4’ Salicet
Vox Humana
Relay Bank
Swell Shades

Contact: Brian Merriam 518.495.5763

PIPE ORGAN – mechanical action

Keen 1 Keen 2

One manual and Pedal – tuned to A440

Two ranks and pedal pull-downs
8’ Stopped Flute
2’ Gemshorn
Responsive mechanical action – Sweet, mild voicing
Stops controlled directly from the sliders
54-note keyboard. 30-note pedalboard
Built on a frame with rolling casters.
87″H x 60 1/2″W x 52″D, (27″D with keyboards detached). Fits very easily under 8′ ceiling.
Organ easily rolls through a 30″ x 80″ doorway with keyboard and pedalboard detached – easily done, and with the tallest 14 pipes removed.
Quiet 120V blower is contained in the frame.
Has been our reliable house organ for the last 30 years.
Here’s a little demo. (sorry about the tuning)

Contact Mary Bon



Small Estey pipe organ for sale. Stops:

SWELL Tremolo, salicional 8′, stopped diapason 8′, flute harmonic 4′, oboe 8′
GREAT Dulciana 8′, melodia 8′, open diapason 8′
PEDAL Bourdon 16′
great to pedal
swell to pedal
swell to great
swell to great 4′
swell to great 16′

The instrument was in perfect condition before being dismantled. Price: $4,000.00

Contact: Bernie Ouimet



Free: Two-manual Wurlitzer in good shape. Full pedal board. Has percussion options.

Contact: Judy Abraham at 518-860-5110