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FOR SALE:  Hammond A-105 Organ

$3000.00 obo.   This organ is in great playing condition and perfect for home or a congregation who uses Gospel Music in worship.    This organ has all of the same internal components as a classic B3.  The only difference is that there is no external tone cabinet or Leslie speaker.  The speakers on this organ are internal.  For more information, contact Andrew Krystopolski at 518-522-8555.




For Sale: Perfect Condition
Ahlborn Galanti SL250 Classic Digital Organ, c.2000  AGO specifications. 2 manuals and pedal, with 8 thumb and toe combination pistons and reversible couplers, digitally sampled voices (with several voicings available for each stop), various available temperament settings, programmable TUTTI and Crescendo. Roll-top key desk cover w/ lock. Terrific internal speakers with master volume/reverb control in addition to external speaker output (no external speakers included).   Lovingly cared used and cared for by original owner, and kept in clean, climate-controlled environment. Has never been moved from original location in house, and the dark wood grain finish is entirely unblemished. Has always been plugged into a surge protector and power filter (also included if desired). Transport arrangements are flexible and negotiable for local/regional sale.   Asking $4,000. For more information, please contact Brandon Dumas at

Quintation 16′
Principal 8′
Holzgedackt 8′
Octave 4′
Koppelflote 8′
Super Octave 2′
Fourniture IV
Krummhorn 8′
Swell to Great

Flute a Cheminee 8′
Viola da Gamba 8′
Viola Celeste 8′
Flute Octaviante 4′
Blockflote 2′
Sesquialtera II
Plein-Jeu IV-V
Basson 16′
Harmonic Trumpet 8′

Principal 16′
Subbass 16′
Octave 8′
Bass Flute 8′
Choral Bass 4′
Mixture IV
Posaune 16′
Schalmei 4′
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

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Steinway Square Grand Piano. Good condition. All keys and pedals working. Used as practice instrument. Needs tuning and servicing. Strings 20 yrs, hammers 50 yrs old. Case and Music rack excellent. Includes antique upholstered stool. $2200 obo.

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