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Post Board Meeting Demo – Meta Organworks

September 16, 2020

Following the ENYAGO Board meeting, Dan Lemieux showed us his latest work, an organ destined for Christ Episcopal Church in Needham, MA. This instrument was designed and built by Dan and uses HauptwerkTM software with 16 channels and 16 sample sets from various organs around the world.

Dan gave us an illuminating description of the HauptwerkTM world and how a set of small companies collect and package the sample sets. The images of the drawknobs of the sampled organ show up on the 24” touchscreens on each side of the console, where the player can control them manually or through presets. Dan designed and built the computer and auxiliary equipment that enable the HauptwerkTM software, as well as the console itself.

Dan Lemieux

Thanks to Dan Lemieux for providing the following links to learn more about this instrument:

Overview of the organ:

Set up of the Hauptwerk’s toolbars to maximize their functionality:

Set up of universal combination system:

Dan Lemieux playing Kenneth Leighton’s Fanfare on the Rosales sample set on the Meta Organ: