past programs 2019-20


Leap Day Used Music Social

Saturday, February 29, 2020      1:00-3:00 PM
Allen Organ Studios, 10 Becker Terrace, Delmar, NY

Twenty plus members and friends stopped by for our Leap Day Used Music sale.  Everyone found new treasures in the numerous tubs of music that we have in our library.  The proceeds from the sale go into our scholarship fund.  Our library is well maintained and categorized by Susan Lohnas, our Dean.  There were delicious refreshments available for our visitors.  Special thanks to Brad Day for hosting the event at his Allen Organ Studio in Delmar, NY,  as well as housing the library there for us.

Used Music browsing 20200229
Searching (and finding) treasures among the chapter’s Used Music collection … or should we call it “unused music”?
Used music Elinore and Charlotte 20200229
Elinore Farnum and Charlotte Palmeri enjoying a moment (picture by Charlotte’s husband Frank).  Several of Elinore’s former students attended … but that’s not so unusual considering her impact on a large population of organists!
Used music browsing 2 20200229
Is that an Allen organ with pipes?  Yes!!
Used Music Chris and Chuck 20200229
Chris Uhl and Chuck Powers making their a selections. Remember, if you don’t like it you can always bring it back next time and we’ll sell it again!


Potluck Luncheon & Music Sharing

Saturday, February 1, 2020      noon
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 21 Hackett Blvd, Albany, NY

To break up the long winter, sixteen members with some of their spouses, got together for a Potluck Luncheon and Music-sharing event at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Albany.  After a welcome from Dean Susan Lohnas and grace, we dined on several delicious dishes prepared by our members.  Following dessert, we moved into the sanctuary where some members shared a piece of their favorite music.  They were given the choice of either just talking about it or playing it on St. Paul’s Cassavant pipe organ.  There were choral pieces as well, and everyone had a great time singing them.  For the final choral piece, we moved to the choir room and sang it with piano accompaniment.   It was a very enjoyable afternoon of food, music and fellowship.  We want to thank Steven Rosenberry for hosting the event.

Potluck attendees 20200201

Attendees, plus George Schiller who was behind the camera!

Music sharing 20200201 lunch 2

Good food and face-to-face conversation … wonderful!

Music sharing 20200201 Justan and Gayle

Gayle Hinsdill and Justan Foster.  Justan played several pieces by Angela Kraft Cross.  He raised our awareness about the efforts of various organizations and churches to increase the representation of women composers in music purchases, recitals, etc.


Music sharing 20200201 Glenn Kime

Steven Rosenberry assisting Glenn Kime with registration for his piece, Prelude and Fugue in E-flat major by JS Bach.

Music sharing 20200201 Chris Uhl 2

Chris Uhl shared Variations on Hyfrydol by Charles Callahan.

Music sharing 20200201 SKL

Steven Rosenberry with Susan Lohnas playing Prélude Modal by Jean Langlais, one of the many treasures in The Organist’s Manual – Technical Studies & Selected Compositions by Roger E. Davis.

Music sharing 20200201 Bob McNulty

Robert McNulty playing his own composition, News of a Wondrous Thing, a Christmas anthem for SATB. We sang along!


Music sharing 20200201 Steven

Steven Rosenberry played Christopher Tambling’s Trumpet Tune, from The Organists Bumper Collection.  What a useful resource!!

This is the summary of all the music that was shared:

Favorites from Potluck 20200201


Used Music “Mingle and Browse”

Saturday, October 19, 2019      3:00-5:00 PM
Allen Organ Studios, 10 Becker Terrace, Delmar, NY

We had a great time at Brad Day’s studio checking out his hybrid Allen / pipe organ, chatting with fellow members, and of course leafing through the large Used Music collection to find treasures “on the cheap”. Attendance was strong – about 25 in all. Two hundred dollars was raised through music sales to benefit the chapter’s organ scholarships.


Used Music Dottie and Jim 20191019

Jim & Dottie enjoying the day.

Used Music browsing 20192019

Perusing the vast collection. Remember, if you don’t like it when you take it home, you can bring it back next time and we’ll sell it again.


Used Music Hunter and friend 20191019

Hunter Harville-Moxley and fellow SUNY Schenectady student looking for good stuff.

Used Music Jim at the console 20191019

Jim Slingerland giving the hybrid Allen / pipe organ a whirl.


September – Potluck / Music Sharing

Saturday, September 24, 2019
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 1229 Baker Ave, Schenectady, NY

We kicked off the year with a strong showing of 20 people – a good mix with some new members as well as familiar faces and some spouses. After a delicious potluck dinner we retired to the sanctuary where four of us played the newly renovated Carey/Rosenberry & Myers organ.  We sang Crossing the Bar, a piece of choral music by G.H.P. Hewson that Chris Uhl brought which is no longer available but he had permission to copy.  Other members passed around some of their favorites for us to peruse.  A good time was had by all!

Potluck 20190921

This is the whole gang, minus George Schiller who took the picture.

Potluck repast 20190921

No one went away hungry!

Potluck Kate

Kate Storms at the console.

Favorites from Potluck 20190919