April 29, 2023 – Road Trip!

April 28, 2023 – Road Trip to Lake George and Glens Falls

Starting at 10:00 at St. James’ Episcopal Church, 172 Ottawa St, Lake George.

Bryan Kirk will meet us as St. James, give a short history and demonstration of the Skinner organ. There will be time for others to play the organ as well, so bring your favorite piece of music. The members of the church will be preparing a nice lunch for us at the church. In lieu of a charge for lunch, they are asking those attending to make a donation that will go to their organ maintenance fund. Following lunch, we will proceed to First Presbyterian Church in Glens Falls, where Bryan will talk about and
demonstrate the magnificent organ, one of the 100 largest pipe organs in the US. There will also be time to try this organ. Please let me know if you will be joining us for this event by April 22, at schilleg@union.edu.

Transportation is on your own … this is a great chance to team up and car pool!